Friday, January 6, 2017

Manage Your Doctors

Friday morning, December 16, 2016,  I arrived at my mother-in-law's home for a routine "take her dog to groomer" pickup and was greeted with the sight of several emergency vehicles right in front of her place.  She had fallen outside and hit her head.

Based on what we were told by the emergency doctors which was essentially "...let us cut two large holes in her head to drain the bleeding, she will not be the same person in any case, we would not do that to our mothers...OR let nature take its course here...", I sent this text to family later that morning...

Yesterday my 87 year old mother-in-law left the hospital to go to a rehab facility and, frankly, I think it is actually possible she might end up having a 90% - 100% recovery and may even be able to return to her own home.

I would never tell anyone to ignore doctors BUT you do need to MANAGE them.  The number of times doctors wrote Ginny off in the last weeks was astounding and our protestations that we were seeing "her" in her movements even when she was unconscious for days were unwaveringly met with polite and sometimes disdainful smiles and comments was quite surprising.  Since we had already made The Hard Decision on Day 1, we were prepared for The Worst but she continued to improve most days.

ADVICE: Ask way too many questions of your doctors when it comes to any procedure, condition or treatment.  Nurses know things.  Ask them for their advice.  You're The Boss of You and your family when it comes to health care decisions.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Rating: Mixed

2016 over in about 11 hours for me so I took a look at the calendar for this year to see what happened.


Daughter #1 turned 27.


Grandmother turned 100.  Big Party in Oklahoma City.  Very cool.

Two weeks for the Mrs. and me on Big Island, Hawaii.  Loved it.


Turned 53.  Wife took me to see Brad Paisley play in down state Illinois.


Spent week before Memorial Day in Orlando/Disney World.  Nice time with the Mrs.


QDiligence exhibited at national conference for Corporate Secretaries (the ones for The Boards, not the other ones) in Colorado Springs and stayed at The Broadmoor.  No idea how I'd never heard of that place before but it is A Special Place.


10th Wedding Anniversary!  Had dinner at Alinea (finally) to celebrate.


Labor Day weekend in southern Ohio in a cabin with The Kids.  Very fun.


Cubs won World Series.  Hillary Clinton lost the election.  Both good.

Grandmother diagnosed with cancer.

Cousin's husband diagnosed with cancer after they punctured his colon, twice, during a routine colonoscopy.


Daughter #2 turned 26.

Mother-in-law fell and cracked her skull a week before Christmas and is living on to tell the tale.

Grandmother still hanging in there.  Likely to see 101.

Cousin's husband making his way through chemo.  Likely to see 51.

Kids did Christmas for us here in Chicago.

Business continues to be very good.  Our impact on the industry has never been more evident.

We're gonna' give 2016 a Rating of...Mixed.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Why you should Vote Trump

For me there was never any other choice.  I was going to and did vote for Trump simply and only because he is Not Hillary.

I'm not wasting my time, or yours, laying out the long history of Clinton, uh, issues.  It is plain to see if you're willing to look at it objectively.  This is not a "...where there's smoke there's fire..." situation.  This is a "...volcanic cloud of ash proof that magma is flowing towards your house..." situation.  The things the Clintons are generally accused of? They did them.  Plain and simple.  If you're unwilling to acknowledge that simple fact, then stop reading now and go be the Sheeple you want to be.  Godspeed.

However if you're truly still on the fence in this rather agonizing decision on whether to vote for Trump or Clinton consider this:
Both of these candidates have shown themselves to be equally very Bad People but...only Clinton has done her Bad Things while she was supposedly serving our country and in several cases after taking oaths to serve our country.

We don't know if Trump would break his public oaths. We do know Hillary already has.

Vote for Trump.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

ISO 27001 Certification? Done!

Well, we did it.  We got our ISO 27001 Certification.

Now that we've gone through the entire process and have the proof of it I can say this: I knew we were doing Thinge Data Security right already and for us it was essentially an exercise in verification.

That's not to say it was easy.  We updated all of our policies.  We updated existing tools to help us better monitor our own internal activity.  Our entire team spent extra time on many tasks.  We engaged four different vendors and went through several multi-day audits.  In addition to the significant investment of our time, we spent a significant amount of real money.

We were in an excellent place when we started the process but I can honestly say that we're in a better place now that we've gone through the process.

So.  Thrilled that we did this.  Looking forward to what comes next.

The Give Back To The Community: Anyone in the XPages community who would like advice on the process based on our own experience, just ask me.  I'm happy to share.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Married Ten Years Today!

It is still a mystery to me why she said "Yes" when I asked her but she did and on July 8, 2006, this beautiful lady married me.  She is pretty, smart, funny and, lucky for me, tolerant!

In celebration I am posting these links.  Not really of interest to many but still the site and the pictures are pretty fun. (Our official wedding site still up since 2006)

Pile of Wedding Pics (A bunch of memories!)

We like to do the fine dining thing so we've both taken the day off and have a reservation for Alinea tonight to celebrate.  A great meal is the perfect way to start another ten years!