Monday, March 10, 2014

Using CKEditor 4: Part1 - Preface + Setup

UPDATE ===================

Sven Hasselbach posted a quick fix so you can use the CKEditor files from within the NSF instead of your server's hard drive! I was hoping someone would have a solution so take that into account when you watch the video in Part 1.  Here is the fix.

END UPDATE ===============

Last Fall we needed to implement a better rich text editor for iPad users and found CKEditor 4 addressed the issues we had with the currently installed CKEditor and also met our needs.

This series of videos provides a look into the technique we used and the steps required to make it work.

Our application is based entirely on beans so it was a little tough to extract the technique into a little more non-bean-friendly XPage solution but I think I have given the topic a pretty good once over here.  If you have questions, please post them here.  Thanks and enjoy!

You can find Mercurial and GIT Repos and just a Zipped NSF below:



Zipped NSF

Using CKEditor 4 in XPages

Part 1 - Preface + The Setup

Part 2 - Copy CKEditor contents to another field

Part 3 - Convert content into MIME

Part 4 - Designing for Read/Edit Modes and Using Validation

Part 5 - iPad Demonstration

Part 6 - Caveats: Jumping Editors, More on Validation, Going iPad "Only," and 32K Limits