Thursday, March 13, 2014

Some Cultural Thoughts II (3 movies)

As I wrote in an earlier post, we've been viewing our way through the Oscar-nominated movies and we've just completed three more this week.

Captain Phillips

Fantastic movie!  Watch it.  Interesting oldest daughter was dating a fellow at the time who was serving on one of the U.S. Navy ships involved in the rescue.  Gripping story plus Tom Hanks plus perfect movie-long crescendo of tension that ends in a rather incredible way even when you know how the story ends.


Technical marvel.  Truly.  After a while the whole people-in-space-with-no-gravity thing is so amazing you start trying to figure out exactly how they do it.  Story line was OK.  Not as gripping as Captain Phillips but still a pretty amazing movie.

American Hustle

Full disclosure:  If Amy Adams came to our door and told me she wanted me to come away with her there are few questions I would need to ask.  My wife knows this.  George Clooney is her version of this.  That being said I will not let my clear bias influence my "review."

You know how whenever Casino or The Godfather is on when you're flipping channels and you stop to watch it even though you actually own it?  Yeah this movie is like that.  Every scene is a mini-masterpiece and they all drive to an ending that is perfect.  Still have two more movies to watch but so far we put this a close #2 to Captain Phillips.  This movie really sticks with you and I think we'll be watching it again sooner rather than later.

Also...hands down Jeremy Renner and Christian Bale both did awesome performances.  Hands down Bale should have won Best Actor over Matthew McConaughey.

Regarding the lovely Ms. Adams...great acting.  Superb actually.  Cate Blanchett's (Blue Jasmine) performance was just better though.

Still need to see "Her" and "The Wolf of Wall Street."  I think only "Her" has a chance at our top spot.