Friday, January 3, 2014

Out with The Old, in with The New Moleskine

We have a CRM system, we have IBM Notes which allows us to create any kind of customer-focused system we might need (we've built several), we have an email marketing system...we've evaluated all kinds of systems to manage customer information and projects etc. and so far I've not found one that truly meets all of my needs for the sales and training activity I need to track.

So...I use...a Moleskine notebook for that!  Yup.  Paper.

I like it because when a call comes in I have a handy place to easily record the call and activity and tasks.  All the activity is in a single place and it is easy to travel with or take to meetings.  If needed, I can and have Evernoted pages from the book. A Moleskine notebook is just so classic you can't go wrong and, molto bene for me, they are Italiano!

So...last year's notebook of choice was the excellent Evernote Special Edition Moleskine notebook which came with stickers to automatically file pictures taken directly into Evernote from the then-recently announced page picture functionality in Evernote.

For whatever reason though, I have just found the digital version of taking notes to not be all that advantageous so I didn't really do a whole lot of Evernoting with the notebook.  Still like the concept though.  Just doesn't necessarily work totally for me also due some missing functionality in Evernote that I would have liked to have.

For 2014, I am using the Hobbit Special Edition Moleskine notebook.  I bought several versions last Fall and have chosen the one with Bilbo rummaging in Smaug's Hoard while wearing The Ring to be my daily driver notebook.  Symbolically I'd like 2014 to be the year where we slay the dragon, so to speak, so I figured this might remind me to keep a laser focus each day this year because everyone can't be too careful working around a dragon!