Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I dub thee "Tree Killer"

I am not proud of it but we go through A LOT of paper and printing.  It makes sense if you consider each work item we create typically generates 35-55 pages when printed, which legal people almost always do, and for each of those we might print each one 2-3 times until it is finalized.

We definitely try to minimize the printing but for our work you can only go so far.

Well I bought the beast of a color laser about 15 months ago and really liked it until my last Cyan ink cartridge only lasted a month.  Sure it was definitely our busiest month but hey, $80 is $80.  I actually think that cartridge was defective because the original lasted over a year but we'll see how the new cartridge does.

Well this little puppy arrived today.  It connected right away to the new Apple Airport Extreme (which the old non-duplex-printing-monochrome Brother laser would not) and the system print came out so fast I could only smile.

Up to 42 ppm plus it holds over a full ream of paper at 550 sheets.  WiFi and duplex.  Just the thing to take the load of it's larger "Brother."

Of course the big color laser got a new name, too: Ink Killer.