Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Installing IE9 vs. Using Developer Tools: They're Not the Same

Today I am trying to diagnose a customer issue with IE9.  We had implemented a styling fix that took care of any IE8 issues that existed and our testing of IE9 showed there were no issues with that version.

Until the customer emailed.  Yeah, they are using IE9 and the application menus look terrible.

"Hmm.  We've tested those menus on IE9 and they work great. How can that be?"

"Oh, it can be.  And it is.  Bad, that is."

Fine.  We create a new VM, install a clean copy of IE9 on Windows 7 and, voila!...it looks...like crap.

No idea how this exactly works because I thought IE10 Developer Tools (F12) were supposed to accurately mimic the earlier browsers.

Apparently that is not really the case all the time.

We'll be maintaining separate testing VMs going forward for that most loved of all browsers, Internet Explorer.

Just a word to the wise.

P.S. - Those nice menus work just fine in IE 11.  That's a relief.