Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Deprecating Domino Web Admin? Uh...Decide Different.

Yesterday folks became broadly aware of an IBM security bulletin that looks to have been released on 11/5/2013 announcing that the Domino Web Administrator suffered from a low level of security risk and was, therefore, being deprecated.

Candidly, my first was reaction was ..."Gee, that's too bad" and then I kept coding.

Well after reading a couple blog posts from some of the more, uh, entertaining but less, shall we say, productive, members of our community I realized this was a mistake.

IBM should restore the missing functionality as soon as possible and by that I mean stop everything else until that functionality is replaced using whatever means possible.

My attitude for a couple of years now has been "You don't like Domino? Don't care."

We had a potential customer contact us last month who knew me when I was doing Domino consulting and almost the first thing he said was that the company where he worked now was "...getting off Domino."  "Bully for you" is a polite approximation of what I wanted to respond with but I bit my tongue.  We use Domino and I no longer have to convince The Foolish and The Ignorant of Domino's advantages.

That being seems clear to me that by not providing a Domino Administrator client that does not have to run on Windows, IBM is certainly making a case against using Domino.  Why would you do that?

IBM...since 1994 I don't believe I have asked you to do a single thing with Domino but, please, announce right away that you will have restored the lost functionality by IBM Connect as a show of support for your broad and diverse customer base.