Monday, May 13, 2013

"I'm Just As Smart As You" or "Want To Speak At Connect 2014?"

I am just as smart as you.

Yup.  Unless you're that rare individual that is just "wow" (I met one just last week at IAmLUG), pretty much I believe that anything you can do, say or know... I can do, say or know equally well.

(With technology anyway...I believe my hopes for an Olympic medal in downhill skiing are pretty much quashed at this point.)

(WHAT THE ...!  Is Russ for real here?)

Here's the thing:  I also believe that you are just as smart as anyone else.


Because I have this seemingly overinflated opinion of myself and of you, I believe that you know some things that other people would like to know, I believe you can stand on a stage and tell people about those things and I believe you can be an excellent speaker at IBM Connect 2014.

(You don't even know me or what I do.  I could never...)

Yeah, yeah, yeah...

I might not know you or what you do exactly but I do know a couple things.

First, if you're the kind of person who ever considered speaking at Lotusphere or Connect, then you should get on it.  There is a huge sea change going on in our industry and there are plenty of opportunities for new speakers.

Second, if you want to speak at Connect 2014 you need to get a reputation for being able to do it which means writing good abstracts, actually submitting the abstracts, showing up at conferences and then delivering good sessions.

Start thinking about it...

There are local LUGs that need speakers for meetings and two larger conferences coming soon.

Here's are links to the conferences and both are accepting session proposals:

ICON UK (September 2 & 3, in the UK)
MWLUG (August 21-23, Indianapolis)

Tomorrow I'll tell you how to write a good session abstract.