Monday, May 20, 2013

Finding Your Own Presenting Voice + Let Me Know If You Would Like Feedback

Find Your Voice

You have to decide or learn what your voice is when presenting.

We have a lot of excellent speakers in our orbit that have very effective yet different speaking styles and you can learn something from all of them.
  • Wes Morgan gives a great presentation and his style is definitely professional grade.  I dig it.
  • Chris Miller has an almost Robin Williams-esque presentation style backed by a CRAZY level of technical knowledge that is extremely effective.
  • Kathy Brown, the loud laugher and insane Twitterer (15 accounts really?), has an affable style when she speaks that really keeps your interest.  She also had some good advice on being yourself in this post.
  • Julian Robicheaux is so witty that I get more entertainment from his off the cuff comments during his presentations that I often forget about his point.
  • Paul Calhoun has that whole Texas Gentleman thing going for him coupled with a pretty unique sense of humor that is good for laughs to break up "the tech."
The only way to find your own style is to do some speaking.

I was told last week that not too many people actually want to be speakers.  I wonder then, as I have many times over the years, why are there supposedly over a thousand abstracts submitted for Connect for something that, in reality, are only about 100 (if that) truly "open" speaking slots?

"There is a huge sea change going on in our industry and there are plenty of opportunities for new speakers."

A week has gone by since I wrote that and I have talked to a lot of folks. After all the chatting, I can say that it is very likely there will be even more opportunity to speak than I at first believed so if speaking is something you're interested in trying, I encourage you to give it a shot.

For years I have been saying that we should have more new speakers.  This set of posts has been geared towards that.

And now the offer...if you want some feedback on your slides or your speaking I'd be glad to help.

Want a slide editor? Send me some of your slides and I'll give you feedback.

Want feedback of your speaking style, pace or prep?  Let's Skype/G+ Hangout and you do some talkin' at me and I'll provide feedback.

So...Break a leg!