Thursday, January 17, 2013

Want Chicago Cubs Tickets? I Got Some For Sale!

Last weekend I bought two season tickets to the Chicago Cubs for 2013.

Yeah, yeah I know all about the Cubs and what a crap team they are but I bought them because here in Chicago it is very often impossible to get a decent seat at a decent price when you want to go (even when they suck which is usually the case) and we basically view going to a baseball game as a social event anyway. We'll root for the Cubbies for sure but if they lose...well it was a nice time out and we got to drink some beer outside.

So, fellow XPage-related folk, if you are coming to Chicago or want to come to Chicago and see the Cubs and want two really good seats for face value ($60/seat)...check the schedule and let me know.

We have already picked out the games we are keeping but the rest of the games are up for grabs (I'll let you know which games are already taken if you contact me).  Tickets come to me in March and probably next month I'll put them all up for sale on StubHub or whatever the best way is to sell 'em.

Section 413, Row 5, Seats 7 & 8

I took a couple of pictures of the view from the seats. It'll be different of course when people are there but I wouldn't have bought these if the view wasn't great because I am just that way.

Play ball!