Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Which topics some XPagers were most interested in yesterday

Yesterday I posted several presentations about XPages that I delivered at AdminDev2012 a few weeks ago.

Paul Calhoun and I do a pretty fair amount of speaking on XPages via The View XPage seminars.

Although I have not taught a "classroom" course (unless you consider sometimes up to 65 people in a room a classroom) in years, I have never lost the teaching bug and Paul Calhoun is, of course, the technical mastermind workhorse writer/instructor behind most of the Java and XPages courses over at TLCC.

All that means that we are always interested in trying to figure out what other people want to learn about XPages.  These stats do not a trend make, but I still thought it was interesting enough to share so others could see which presentation posts got accessed over the last 24 hours.