Thursday, February 2, 2012

Don't Overcommit Your Source!

So I played with Source Control a little bit right after Lotusphere following an excellent presentation given by Declan Scolia-Lynch on source control and then again after reviewing David Leedy's excellent NotesIn9 episode on implementing source control just to make sure I had the hang of it before using it on some of my prized code.

Certain I was not going to lose anything to the "magic" of Eclipse, I began the process to source control my pride and joy application.

Got it all set up.  Went to do my initial commit and Bam! Strange Eclipse error.

I did all kinds of things with projects on the hard drive and changing the database itself and uninstalling/reinstalling Mercurial plugins.  Nothin' doin'.

The fix?  Mercurial does not like it if you try to commit too many files at once.

If you get the error shown below, get around it by committing under thirty (30) items at a time then you can move forward.

Trying to save you the hour I just lost.  Thanks for playing.