Monday, January 23, 2012

Lotusphere 2012 was great!

Great technology, great sessions, great social.  Read on...

Great Technology

For the first time since Lotusphere 1998, IBM presented technology that companies will view as something they need to remain competitive, technology that can truly help individuals be more productive today (vs. 10 years ago) and technology that only IBM seems poised to be able to provide.  That's exciting!

Embedded experience has legs.

Is it Domino/Notes? Yes and no which means Win/Win. 

Domino has a long future ahead of it as a messaging option for and XPages appear to be the technology/dev tool of choice both in and out of the embedded experience of IBM Connections et al. Your investment in Domino is still secure and that is a good message for current Notes shops.  WIN.

On the flip side you are not required to use Domino in order to utilize the great stuff found in IBM Connections.  IBM Connections, just like Notes before it, is a structured environment that provides opportunities for companies to utilize existing non-Domino skills to create embedded solutions or to consume embedded solutions from outside vendors including Domino application providers.  WIN.

Great Sessions

I saw sessions given by Mark Myers, Julian Robichaux, Matt White, Tim Clark, Martin Donnelly, Declan Lynch, Maureen Leland, Peter Janzen, Scott Souder, Beverly Dewitt,  Paul Calhoun, Paul Fiore, David Taieb, Andy Pedisich, Rob Axelrod, Stanton Sievers, Ryan Baxter, Robert Tatcher, Mike Cross, Andrew Davis, Stephen Auriemma, Niklas Heidloff, Herbert Wagner, Paul Hannan, Tony McGuckin...

Some of these sessions were frankly outstanding and some were only great. That's it.
This is the first Lotusphere where I did not attend a single session that was not a great session!

Great Social

Through all my sixteen Lotuspheres, I maintained my own close knit social circle of colleagues and friends.

At Lotusphere 2012, I made an effort to step out of my shell a little bit.  I sought out and tried to at least personally greet as many of the people I had tweeted, chatted, Skyped or Plussed with as possible.  I made a pretty good stab at it but there are still more people to meet next year.  It was nice to put real life faces with names and get a better feel for who people really are.