Thursday, December 15, 2011

Here's the problem...and the fix

Last week I am fixin' to deliver my Advanced XPages Bootcamp session on Java and managed beans when what to my bloodshot eyes should appear but an Eclipse/Java/Project/Build error ne'er seen by me (or Paul Calhoun) before that I could not figure out how to fix in ten minutes left before I spoke.

That's not good.

Being typical Domino-folk, the participants were very understanding as I then fumbled with my code during the presentation (you forget how much prep goes into creating demo code until you try to type it on the fly).

Since code that does not work in a presentation is a pet peeve of mine, one of the first things I did when I got home was to figure out the fix which was a lot easier than I realized.

Apparently I had added a source folder and then manually deleted it.  I would have thought DDE would have taken care of this automatically but I do a lot of strange things while I am at the podium when people ask questions and want to see this or that and it is totally possible I did something on purpose in the previous city and forgot about it.

So if you ever get an error that looks like you will know how to fix it.  And I will, too.